Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which course is available in Aakash PG Plus?
    We are launching Aakash PG Plus with our Crash Course specifically designed to help students prepare for NEET PG exam. PG Plus team will be launching full regular course post neet pg exam in 2021
  • What does Aakash PG Plus crash course include?
    Crash course will have around 125 hours of lecture video discussion on last 4-years’ NEET & AIIMS papers - with all choices. It will also include High Yield Last Minute Revision (LMR) Books. Student can attempt All India Mock test (APEX) to simulate NEET PG exam and get All India rank. Student will also get doubt resolved by our Aakash PG faculty
  • What is the biggest advantage of this crash course?
    Aakash PG Plus Crash course is specially designed for MULTIPLE REVISIONS of HIGH-YIELD ESSENTIALS. It will be helpful for students looking for last minute revision through coverage of 90% of exam syllabus within 125 hours
  • How does this course ensure multiple revisions of exam essentials?
    This is a short duration course - You will never get a question on Kufor-Rakeb Syndrome; but you will get a question on Lafora’s disease. We cover only the essential information as you don’t have time for the non-essentials in Oct-Nov. We cover ONLY WHAT IS IMPORTANT: It’s more important to know ‘the ECG changes of hyperkalemia & hypokalemia’ than those of a massive pneumothorax; the treatment of hemodynamically unstable VT is important; the treatment AVNRT is not’) The course consist of 4 year papers discussed with all choices explained
  • I have already been studying since past 1/2/3 years & exam is in January 2021 - how will a new product help me at this stage?
    You have the option of choosing the subjects you want just like an - a la carte menu in a restaurant. You can either choose to go for all the 15 subjects or If there are some specific subjects where you lag behind OR you want multiple quick revisions - you have the option to pick only that subject.
  • How can I ask my doubts on Aakash PG Plus App?
    You will find 'Ask n Answer' section on web and app both. You can ask your doubts from there and our faculty will revert back within 24hrs. You can also see what question others are asking and help them by commenting on their query.
  • Who are going to be the teachers?
    We have topper faculty from AIIMS, PGI, MAMC, Safdarjang, UCMS, etc. who have experience of teaching since 2004
  • What is the duration of the course videos of different subjects?
    Crash course will have around 125 hourse of lecture video discussion on last 4-years’ NEET & AIIMS papers. Each subject has different hours of teaching ranging from 4 hours to 18 hours.
  • Which subjects will be covered in crash course videos?
    As of now 15 subjects will be covered under crash course discussion videos and LMR book. The course does not include Anatomy, Microbiology, Forensic Medicine & Orthopedics
  • What is the validity of the crash course subscription?
    Crash course subscription shall be valid till NEET PG 2021 exam date. In case, for any reason, the exam date gets postponed, the validity of subscription shall also be extended
  • Can I purchase individual subjects from the course?
    Yes, we are offering individual subjects at two price points of 2000/- and 1300/-. Students can purchase any number of subjects
    Note: We have 15 subjects video as of now and it does not include Anatomy, Microbiology, Forensic Medicine & Orthopedics
  • Are there any free demo videos available?
    Student can view sample demo content on our website and App
  • How can I get LMR book?
    LMR book can be availaled for FREE by any student on Aakash PG Plus App / website post sign-up / login
  • What is the number of All India Mock tests available? What are the dates for All India Mock test?
    We have 4 All India Mock test (APEX) for you on 4th Oct, 11th Oct, 1st Nov and 6th Dec
  • What is the duration of Mock test? How many questions will be there in Mock test?
    The All India Mock test will simulate NEET PG exam with 300 single correct MCQs and time duration of 210 minutes. MCQs will be asked from all 19 subjects
  • Where to log in to attempt All India Mock test?
    Please login to and you'll find the mock test there under the test section.
  • How can I attempt All India Mock Test?
    Just select the test you want and click on 'Start'
  • When and how will I be informed about the test schedule and timing?
    You'll receive email and notification from us before your test
  • Where can I find the answer key, solution and performance reports of the test?
    We will communicate the date of result announcement with you. You can login to your on that date, go to the attempted test under the test section and view complete reports from there.
  • Can I attempt test on mobile devices?
    Yes you can attempt test on mobile devices as well.
  • Are tests available in other languages?
    All tests are available only in the English language.
  • Can I attempt the All India Mock Tests (APEX) offline or I have to attempt it online?
    It is an online test.
  • Can I download the question papers?
  • What happens if there is power failure or internet gets disconnected while I am taking the test?
    We will tell you that your internet connection is lost. However, the timer will not stop and answers will be synced back once connection is restored.
  • Will the mock tests work on a low-bandwidth/dial-up connection?
  • When will I get the result of All India Mock test?
    The combined result for mock test on 4th Oct & 11th Oct will be announced on 20th Oct. Result of 1 Nov & 6 Dec Mock test will be declared a day after the conducting the test
  • Will you be coming out with a more detailed (or full length) product?
    Yes - we will launch our 600+ hour course in 2021 for NEET-PG 2022
  • What are the various modes of payment for course fees?
    We have all the major modes of payment available with us
  • Can I cancel my subscription of the product purchased and what will be the process for the same?
    All subjects purchase under Crash course is Non-refundable under any circumstances